Gibside (National Trust, Newcastle), A Day Out

Whenever we’re in Newcastle – which is pretty often as my parents still live there- we take the opportunity to visit some of the National Trust sites. Gibside is a favourite of ours, particularly at key events such as Easter when there’s a really good hunt to follow!

Today was another visit, a fairly mild winter’s day meant that we could enjoy some of the paths (there’s plenty of exploring to do), as well as spend some time in the pretty extensive (but usually busy) playground. The hall itself is in ruins- so this is definitely one for families who like the outdoors. There’s a great Nature room that teaches children about all the wildlife they can find around the estate, as well as a room to eat those packed lunches on rainy days. You can pick up worksheets for bird spotting too!

The main paths to the key locations in the estate are buggy friendly, and if your little ones don’t walk much yet they will be needed as there’s quite a lot of ground to cover- but most of the walking routes are unsuitable for wheels!

If you’re in the area and are National Trust members I’d definitely give it a try- perhaps a little too far for a stand-alone visit, and if you’re paying for your trip I’d wait until there’s something on. Having said that, if your children are a little older and enjoy walking there’s plenty to do, so no need to wait!

Rachel xx

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