I absolutely do not claim to be an authority on outdoor gear… but still, quite often people ask for recommendations for them and their family. So here’s a list of the stuff we’ve bought that we think have been well worth the money!

Currently planning our trip to the Lakes with this fantastic book!

It’s got some great new walks to try, as well as including some favourites we’ve already tried 👍👍 👉Outdoor Adventures with Children – Lake District: 40 family days with under 12s exploring, biking, scrambling, on the water and more (Adventures for Children)

Recommended outdoor kit for the mums


First off my trusty Berghaus Waterproof❤️❤️ It’s true, you get what you pay for. This is by no means the cheapest waterproof out there, but mine has lasted me YEARS (I reckon getting onto ten). I keep thinking I might treat myself to a new one, but honestly there’s no point because I love this one so much and it’s still in good nick. It did come with a zip in fleece that I lost in the Dales a few years ago, which was fab for walking too. 👉Berghaus Waterproof Skye Women’s Outdoor 3-in-1 Jacket available in Black/Black – Size 14

Advice about jackets from a more knowledgeable source than me! (Thanks Michelle Jefferson)

My husband has a fair few years of walking knowledge. A few tips I would give courtesy of him for jackets are; pit zips! – genius way to cool down, especially when wearing a baby. The Gortex patent expired a few years back so the old idea of going to gortex for the best breathable and waterproof fabric is outdated (I only found this out a couple of years ago), get a jacket covering your bum. It helps keep your thighs dry if you aren’t wearing waterproof trousers, and test the hood can be adjusted to move with you when you turn your head side to side. Lastly, make sure your jacket is as thin as possible and use layers to keep warm.

On the bottom, I think waterproof over trousers are the best. They pack away small and then quickly can be pulled out and over leggings if a downpour starts. You can get them from around a tenner, but these £25 Mountain Warehouse ones are great and have half leg zips so you don’t have to take your boots off if you’re out walking! 👉Mountain Warehouse Spray Womens Waterproof Trousers – Mesh Lined Pants, Ripstop Bottoms, Half Zip Side Legs Overtrousers – for Wet Weather, Autumn Hiking & Cycling Black 12

Finally, my all time favourite ever purchase. Waterproof socks. Total game changer. They have mixed reviews and I’m often asked if they get too sweaty but can honestly say I love them. They cost a fair whack, but absolutely worth it if you do a lot of walking in the rain! And SealSkinz is such a great brand (if you want to splash out on proper waterproof gloves they’re also a good choice) 👉SealSkinz Unisex Adult’s Hiking Mid Length Socks, Black/Anthracite, Medium

Baby Carriers

I can only recommend products I’ve used. And as far as baby carriers go, we’ve loved our BabyBjorn, and have used it with both Jess and James from them being newborns. I’d definitely recommend making sure you get a one with back support, babies don’t stay light very long and you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and use a carrier as long as possible. This is the one we have 👉 BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle (Black/Silver, Cotton Mix)


If it’s raining, we bought this cheap £10 carrier cover pictured above, it does the job and is fine if your baby is happy facing towards you. Just make sure your baby is wrapped up nice and cosy; in colder months we use a snow suit underneath! 👉 Waterproof Windproof Baby Carrier All Season Baby Sling Cloak Mantle Cover Suspender Truly Hands-Free Warm Wrap Hoodie with Buckle for Newborn Infant Toddler Boys Girls

If you’re happy spending a bit more and want to guarantee cosiness, I’d probably recommend buying one with a detachable hood, so baby can face in or out. This is thicker too and a bit more fitted. A friend has this one which seemed to work well 👉 Bebamour Winter Cover for Baby Carrier Warm Universal Hoodie Baby Carrier Cover for All Seasons (Dark Purple)

Once Jess had outgrown the BabyBjorn we moved her into a LittleLife carrier, which is worn like a rucksack. We found this great, and she still actually fits into it now… just prefers to walk so it no longer gets used (at least until James is big enough for it). I went walking by myself and found it ok to get on and off alone, although would definitely recommend practising before you attempt it with child 😂😂 👉LittleLife Ranger S2 Child Carrier


Recommended products for little legs

Our daughter keeps dry in warmer weather with a no frills Regatta puddle suit, pictured below. It’s a good price and has lasted her well. In fact we’ve bought two of them when she grew out of her first! 👉Regatta Great Outdoors Childrens Toddlers Puddle IV Waterproof Rainsuit (12-18m) (Navy)


And last, but by no means least, Jess’s warmer splash suit. She wears this all the time (if you look at pictures on my blog this is probably quite clear 😂). It’s fleece lined so keeps her nice and warm too 👉Mountain Warehouse Spright Printed Rain Suit – Breathable Autumn Suit, Waterproof Coat, Quick Dry, Taped Seams Kids Raincoat, Fleece Lined, High Viz – for Travelling Pink 24-36 Months


So there you have it… a summary of all our gear! Again, I’m not saying these are the best things out there, but it’s what we have and everything has suited us just fine. Let me know if there’s anything that I’ve missed and you’d still like to know!

All the gear and no idea?! 😂😂 If you need inspiration on how to get your little walkers excited about walking and exploring outdoors this blog post should help!
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