Pontefract Racecourse, WF8, A park walk

Distance: 2 miles around the full circuit, smaller routes also there http://www.friendsofpontefractpark.btck.co.uk/Walkingandrunningroutes

Parking: Plenty- head to the car park at the main entrance

Buggy friendly: Yes, around the full circuit

Toddler friendly: Yes- we took ours round on a bike

Facilities: Play area, pond. No cafe but perfect for picnics and an emergency McDs near the entrance.

Someone suggested we gave this a go- given its proximity to the M62 I wasn’t overly hopeful, but so pleased that we did! Have a look at the website first to get an idea of where you’ll want to walk http://www.friendsofpontefractpark.btck.co.uk/Walkingandrunningroutes

It’s a proper park area- complete with football pitches, playground, duck pond- even an area for flying model planes! There were loads of people when we went round, enjoying the winter sunshine. The 2 mile path that follows the racecourse is gritted, and there is a tarmac path around the duck pond. Other routes are grassy, so may get boggy at times. We’re looking forward to returning in the summer for a picnic day here!!

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