Three ways to enjoy a walk around Skelton Lake, Leeds
Skelton Lake

Tucked away between a motorway and a tip, a visit to Skelton Lake is no doubt at the bottom of your agenda. But it really shouldn’t be, it’s a great place to visit with the added bonus of the new facilities (and play area) at Skelton Services.

1. Walk around Skelton Lake from Skelton Services

A short lap of the lake is just 2km, so lets you have a good potter around. At the back of the services you’ll see an A-frame gateway which takes you onto the track that circles the lake. You can start and finish with a play in the play area (although be warned there’s not a lot for toddlers there).

2. Walk or cycle to Skelton Lake from Woodlesford Lock

Ohhh there’s so much love in Leeds for Woodlesford Lock! The standard route is to walk as far as Fishpond Lock before crossing the canal and returning (see this walk review here). To reach Skelton Lake, continue to follow the Transpeninnine Trail further along the canal, and just before you reach Skelton Bridge there is a turning to your right that takes you onto a bridge across the River Aire. You’ll be able to see Skelton Lake on your right. If you wanted to make use of the facilities of the services, just continue along the track. You’ll have the option to do a circuit of the Lake before returning, or of just retracing your steps.

3. Start at Rothwell Country Park

From Bulllough Lane, continue down the hill towards the canal. Turn right to cross it at Fishpond Lock, or left to cross at Skelton Bridge. Skelton Lake lies beyond the bridge that crosses the River Aire. 5km route map here. Read more about Rothwell Country Park here.

Oooooooh I hope you do give this a try! And if you were looking to build this into a further distance, you could always walk or cycle here from Temple Newsam, Methley, St Aidans or even along the canal from the City Centre.

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