Oulton Hall Perimeter Walk

This lovely path takes you around the perimeter of the Oulton Hall estate, where you’ll walk through woodland, pass parts of the golf course including the lakes, and have some fabulous views over Rothwell.


Parking: Depending on where you start; Springhead Park carpark (and cross the road to join the trail just opposite the skatepark), at Rothwell Leisure Centre’s carpark and join the path through the green gate opposite the carpark entrance, or some parking in the layby outside the church. 

Distance: 4.6km

Accessibility: The path gets narrow in places and can get pretty muddy in wet weather, so I’d avoid buggies.

Facilities: None on the route itself, although local facilities include a café and play area at Springhead Park, The Three Horseshoes pub, and The New Masons.

Route: The path is generally quite clear- it follows the outskirts of the Golf course with clear markers. Map here 👉https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/osmaps/route/4969466/oulton-hall-perimeter-route

The route around Oulton Hall

We started this walk at the church, taking an anti-clockwise route, and crossed the drive to join the path that cuts off the corner of the course to take you into the treeline.


The woodland is beautiful, and walking here in Spring rewards you with beautiful bluebells.


I’d recommend keeping right when you get the choice as I prefer that path! Eventually you walk behind a house and turn left (turning the corner). After you pass the new housing estate on your right hand side, make sure that you turn right to keep to the perimeter path that runs adjacent to Royds Lane. Shortly after you cross the drive to the cottage make sure you take the left turn to keep on the perimeter path. This stretch takes you close to the golf course and you may need to wait for players to move before proceeding.


After the next corner the path drops next to a few lakes before passing through the church grounds and for us the end of the walk.


Points of interest; Woodlesford Rocks is a local Facebook group who often hide painted rocks along this path. If you find any, share them with the group and/or rehide them nearby for others to find. There are also lots of interesting beautiful trees along the walk that my daughter was sure were fairy trees!

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    Thanks for sharing, we found this walk on your site and did it this morning and really enjoyed it 🙂

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