Oakwell Hall Country Park, WF17, 2 miles

If you enjoy visiting places with plenty to see, a cafe and play area… you’re in luck!

Facilities: cafe, toilets, play area

Parking: Park at the visitor centre, where you can also start the trail. Parking at the south-west car park is right next to the play area.

Accessibility: the 2 mile nature trail itself is not suitable for buggies BUT there are lots of other paths to try out, just might be muddy in places. Use this map for access guidance.

Location:Nutter Lane,Batley,WF17 9LG

Route: The trail is almost like a figure of eight, map here http://www.friendsofoakwellhall.org.uk/images/pdfs/oakwell_nature_trail.pdf

I love everything about sunny days ☀️☀️ it’s so lovely to see so many families out and about enjoying the fresh air! We weren’t planning on a walk today but this fabulous weather drove us here, a great decision even if I do say myself! We walked the superb two mile nature trail, before heading back to the centre to get ice cream and a trip to the play area. The sole ice cream van must’ve thought all his Christmases had come at once, massive queues in February!!

Start the nature trail in the visitor centre car park, there is a clear signposted route. Make sure when the path splits to go straight ahead, otherwise it’ll take you to the den-building area (although you might want to pop in here anyway). After crossing the track, the path gets a little trickier but much more fun as it winds through trees and up steps. You’ll get to the spectacular viewpoint, before the path falls back down towards the centre again. Make sure you take the time to look at the ponds and gardens.

The second loop takes you past the sculpture on Colliery Field then down to the Play Area. Turning back towards the hall, make sure you pick up the path along the stream where you can enjoy Pooh Sticks.

BUGGY FRIENDLY ROUTE: Start the nature trail at the visitor centre carpark, keep going straight ahead on the path until it crosses the track. Rather than crossing to the path on the other side, turn left and follow the track back to the North of the buildings. After this, bear right and you’ll go through a field, over a track and pick up the second loop of the nature trail until you pass the playground, at which point take the accessible path back towards the start.

Oakwell Hall is a lovely place to spend a few hours- there’s plenty to do and see and well signposted trails. The play area has a good combination of activities for toddlers in a gated area, as well as larger obstacles for older children dotted about in the nearby woodland.

I think it’s the type of place that you can find something new every time you visit. So hopefully I’ve introduced you to somewhere that you can keep revisiting with your family time and time again.

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