Mini-Break Adventures in your own home

If you’re facing yet another weekend at home, avoid feeling like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day. With a little imagination, the right food and a few props, you can enjoy a mini-break right in your own home. Here are a few destination suggestions.

A Beach Break to Sunny Spain

Keep this trip for a warm sunny day to get those true Spanish feels!


  • Jump on an aeroplane (re-imagine a large box or arrange dining chairs) and jet off to the sunshine. Prepare for a bumpy ride… the pilot may have had too much sangria!
  • Head straight to the beach for some beach games (frisbee, bowls etc). If you have a sandpit it’s the perfect time to make some sandcastles.
  • Fun in the sea (water play with pots, pans and buckets, water bucket relay).
  • Tapas lunch with lots of yummy picky food, all washed down with some (non-) alcholic sangria. Eat outside. Too tired to move? Take a picnic blanket to the beach and enjoy your sandwiches!
  • A trip to the water park (paddling pool and slide, use the sprinkler, water guns… just get wet!)
  • Back to the hotel in time for the mini disco (there are some great options on You Tube)
  • Treat yourself with a dinner of Paella and more sangria (go on, you are on holiday!

Visit a UK Music Festival



  • Carting your kit to the campsite can be tricky work. Practice a wheelbarrow relay in the garden, getting round all those obstacles will help avoid campers.
  • Pitch a tent. Put up a tent or build a den. If you have enough resources you could do more than one with different purposes for each tent/den.
  • Head to a food stall… there’s a great grill there. Get the BBQ out (perfect in any weather) and enjoy a greasy burger.
  • Time to explore the festival… there are lots of kids activities around, with lots of bubbles!
  • Enjoy the music and dancing outdoors. Make sure you’re dancing in wellies for that true festival experience.
  • At the end of the day you’re tired and hungry. Enjoy munching on some pizza sitting on the grass or relaxing in the tent.

Finding Fun in France. 

  • Take the train to France! Set up your train set and spend some time making sure all the passengers get there safely.
  • Prepare for the day ahead with a French lesson! Learn some French words or a French song (use You Tube if you need help)
  • Time for some true French…. going to a Fashion Show! Get out a pile of clothes and accessories and let your children create their masterpieces, with the grown ups as models.
  • Lunch is a French classic, savoury crepes! Let children choose their own toppings.
  • Time for some action, hop on your bikes and enjoy your very own Tour de France! A family bike ride starting from your own home.
  • Finish your ride at a playground, and play Escargot (mark on your road/drive with chalk. It’s similar to hop scotch, with numbers in a snail shape)
  • Dinner is obviously a French-inspired meal, perhaps a Coq au vin, washed down with some good French wine (non-alcoholic for children) and a cheese board to finish.

Sleepover fun at a Family Reunion

A little twist on a standard night in!Itinerary
  • The party starts with a virtual chat with family members, we’ve found House Party and Zoom to work well for us.
  • Quiz night! Lots of options available on the internet… where possible do this with your online family. House Party also has a few options built into the app.
  • Board games or family games like charades/ pictionary.
  • Dinner time… but there’s no room at the table. Get the emergency chairs out and eat somewhere a but different to give your meal time a different feel.
  • At bedtime the house is packed… you’re all going to have to sleep somewhere else. Sleeping bags, blow up beds or even just change bedrooms to mix it up!

A Cowboy Adventure in Texas

Choose a clear evening for this special trip!Itinerary
  • Get dressed to adventure. Full cowboy gear… for everyone.
  • A true cowboy can ride. Get out those hobby horses for race time. Dont have any? Just use upturned brooms or brushes.
  • Time for a cook out. BBQ, camping stove or if you have a big garden you could even try a fire. There are some great one pot cowboy options… have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration.
  • Hat toss. Draw a big chalk circle (or use a hula hoop) and try to throw your cowboy hats in the circle.
  • Pan for gold. Hide small objects in a sandpit for children to find. Use a sieve or make one with small holes in a foil plate. We have no sandpit so hid objects in oats to find!
  • Ring toss. A compulsory cowboy game.
  • Evening meal has got to be your favourite Tex-Mex!
  • Sleeping under the stars. Well maybe not actually sleeping, but a late night can be a treat… snuggle up under some blankets and star gaze. Spot shapes. Maybe toast some marshmallows. Enjoy the time together.

Do you have any plans for an at home break? I’d love to hear them!!

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