10 Outdoor Easter Activities

We’re trying to find any and every excuse to get outside at the moment. Here are 10 activities for this long weekend.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Unsurprisingly an egg hunt comes at top of the list. If you’re not a fan of chocolate, just use small toys or equivalent to find. If you have more than one child try and hide two different types of chocolate so older ones dont find anything.

Older children could also be given a map to follow, or do an active hunt, where they are given an action at each find (star jumps, a song to sing).

2. Neighbourhood Egg Hunt

We are lucky enough to have some great neighbours and we’re all on a WhatsApp group. Nearly every house has got involved putting up rainbows or bears during the lockdown, and in time for the Easter weekend we’re going to be putting up pictures of Eggs too…. for a TRULY massive Egg Hunt! Reach put this week so you’re all set for the Easter weekend.

3. Reverse Egg Hunt

I’m almost reluctant to write this, because if your kids are anything like my daughter you will be playing this same game for hours, using exactly the same spots! Let children hide the eggs or toys around the house or garden… and you have to find them!

4. Egg Toss

This can be done with boiled or plastic eggs for less mess, or embrace the smashed eggs! Stand opposite each other and throw the eggs back and forth, gradually moving further apart until someone drops it! Plastic eggs are readily available online such as these (affiliate link); Baker Ross Coloured Plastic Eggs For Lucky Dips, Easter Parties and Gifts for Kids (Pack of 12)

5. Egg and Spoon Race

The classic relay race from everyone’s childhood. If you’d rather use a plastic set, we used the egg from Jessica’s kichen set, or you can buy this type of thing on Amazon (affiliate link); Egg and Spoon Race Game Easter Kids Outdoor Garden Sports Fun Balance Retro Game, 4 Plastic Spoons and 4 Eggs

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You could combine this with other fun races such as bunny hops, sack races or pretending to be chickens.

6. Egg Obstacle Course

Instead of an egg and spoon race, create an obstacle course around your house and garden, where children have to go over and under objects, through tunnels and demonstrate their balancing.

7. Daffodil Walk

If you’re lucky enough to live next to some greenery, you could go on a daffodil hunt. Who in your family can spot daffodils first? Take a cheap camera to keep them busy… later back at home they could look through the pictures and draw them! This is the type of camera we’ve bought for our daughter (affiliate link); Faburo Kids Camera Children Digital Camera Child Camera 12MP 32G memory card Toddler Video Recorder Christmas Gift Birthday Gift for Children

8. Create an Easter Egg Tree

Do you have a small tree or bush in your garden or outside your home? Draw or colour some pictures of eggs, rabbits and chicks to hang from it!

9. Play Easter Egg Bowls

Something easy to create. Draw a large Easter Egg on A3 paper with a clear mark in the centre and put in on the ground. Then, similar to a normal game of bowls, take it in turn to throw small balls, trying to get as close as possible to the centre of the egg.

10. Outdoor Nature Art

Create Easter pictures using only natural items you find in your garden or on your walk (where you can add interest by collecting things).
If your children enjoy painting rocks and pebbles, this is the perfect time for an Easter theme!
Errrrr it’s an egg?

So there you have it, my top ten things to do this long weekend. Excited!!!

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