Langsett Reservoir (3miles)

This walk is simply awesome. It’s the perfect combination of views, woodland and moorland. If you’re unsure whether the drive is worth it for a 3 mile walk, I’m telling you it is. Absolutely.

Website and location: 4 miles South West of Penistone (not far from Barnsley) along the A638. Website here.

Parking: Free car park but it gets busy early.

Facilities: Toilet facilities at carpark. Nearby Bank View Cafe.

Accessibility: This is not a buggy friendly route. Terrain is uneven, with muddy sections and parts that can get very slippy if wet or icy (stones, cobbles, tree roots). With younger children you might want to save it for a drier day.

Map and route: Use this Yorkshire Water . Navigation is relatively straightforward, with clear paths.

The walk around Langsett Reservoir

From the car park, the first part of the walk is through absolutely beautiful woodland. Despite us choosing a pretty misty day, the glimpses of water through the trees were just gorgeous.


This part of the route is along the accessible path, so shows you the type of surface you can expect if you did choose to do that walk.


After walking along this North side of the reservoir, the path splits. Head down a cobbled path to cross a bridge.


Over the bridge then left, and climb a stony hill. This path is uneven with loose stones, so make sure you’re wearing suitable footwear!


The path climbs to moorland with great views over the area and reservoir (even through the cloud). We stopped here to refuel with a snack stop.


Where there is a path to the left, take it, and enjoy the views over Langsett as you slowly start to descend to the ruins of ‘North America’.


Through the gate continue down the track. It’s easy walking and very pleasant, with a bubbling brook hugging the right side of the path as you descend.


When you reach a bridge, cross it and go through the gate a little past it.


You’ll see the track bear right, but your route is along the unsurfaced path next to the stone wall. The path goes through trees and then meets the edge of the reservoir. This section of the walk is tricky for little ones (and not so little ones), with slippy roots and mud to navigate.


Watch out for where the path heads uphill, and eventually meets a bridle way that takes you to the road. There is no pavement until you reach the damn, so take care with little ones. You’ll soon be back at a Langsett where you can head back to the carpark or visit the cafe.


I really don’t think the photos do justice to this fantastic walk. I promise you’ll love it.

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