White Scar Cave in the Yorkshire Dales is a great place to visit with kids, and was a perfect choice on a rainy day!

The first caveat is that this attraction is weather dependent- it was fantastic to enjoy the additional water in the cave, but too much and the caves could flood and the attraction closes, so if it’s wet make sure you ring up first to check!

Here are some good to knows;

  • 🥾White Scar Cave is the longest show cave in the UK
  • 🥾 We walked half a mile under Ingleborough, 300 feet underground!
  • 🥾 There were a number of low sections (4ft) and lots of steps- so not suitable for anyone with mobility issues.
  • 🥾 Equally, it’s difficult unless your little one can walk a mile.
  • 🥾 The visit is at least 80 minutes- we were a little more. So not for people who get claustrophobic!

Much of the walk through White Scar cave is above running water, which was particularly exciting when it was raining outside! We all enjoyed the low sections and a tight squeeze- it felt like a real family adventure!

The guide was excellent, and we felt we learnt a lot about the history of the cave, as well as learning about some of the fantastic features we saw there. The crazy paving was, well, crazy!

Our children (7 and 4) thoroughly enjoyed our visit to White Scar Cave, although I think had we been any longer our 4 year old wouldn’t have been impressed. I would probably avoid visiting if children were much younger unless they’re good walkers. Do remember that the caves are quite dark too.

We were really pleased we’d chosen to visit, and there’s also a great showcave at Clapham, at Ingleborough cave (which also has a nature trail). We’d highly recommend!

Visit was December 2023