Things to do in Loch Lomond- The Loch Lomond Faerie Trail

If you love beautiful walks but your children want some encouragement to get moving, the Loch Lomond Faeirie Trail is the perfect solution! It’s a great short child-friendly walk in Luss, on the banks of Loch Lomond.

This was easily the best Fairy Trail we’ve ever done (sorry Studfold- you definitely have the adventure and variety of fun nailed but this has the Fairy magic and everything is based around the wonders of the Faerie Folk). We bought tickets for the Faerie Trail the day before, with a combined ticket to a Cruise on Loch Lomond. We did the cruise first, which included a trip to Inchcailloch with a couple of hours to enjoy the island before the boat brought us back.

The Loch Lomond Faerie Trail: Key questions

  • Is the Loch Lomond Trail Buggy Friendly?

I personally wouldn’t recommend a buggy, although the website does suggest that their are plans to improve accessibility in the future. There are a number of steps and steep paths that I think you’d really struggle with if you had a pushchair.

  • How far is the walk?

The walk is only a mile, but actually feels longer as there’s quite a bit of variety in there. You can also cut back to the car park rather than the last loop if you need to (and there are also a couple of other small loops that you could cut out if needed).

  • Can you stop for picnics?

Although there’s not a designated picnic area, there are a number of stopping points that you could take the opportunity to enjoy your picnic.

  • How long did the Loch Lomond Fairy trail take to walk?

We took about two hours for our children to walk round and enjoy the various activities. The website indicates that the walk usually takes between 1 and 3 hours.

  • What do you do on the Loch Lomond Faerie Trail?

The Faerie Trail starts in the large public car park, you pick up your packs from the lovely Faerie trail staff located in the Trailer in the Luss Car Park. After a short walk along the road (don’t worry it’s on a pavement!) you turn towards the primary school and will soon spot the first Faerie home that starts the trail.

I’m not quite sure what we were expecting on the trail, perhaps a few Fairy doors and fairy houses? But the moment we started the main part of the trail (where the kids were able to enter through their very own fairy door!) we knew we were in for something special. There are little activities to do along the way, beautiful fairy homes, shops and even a school- all with their own stories and interaction.

I dont want to ruin the surprises for you by over sharing our photos (I took a LOT)- but here are three of the elements that I just loved. Firstly the dummy tree. If your little one needs to get rid of their dummy, they can give it to the fairies by dropping them in the drum of this great tree! Secondly, as you walk under an underpass, you needn’t be scared of any trolls living under the bridge- this is Troll Rehab! And finally, the Fairy Postbox in Luss village. The concept of the trail is finding missing letters by answering the clues, and you post your completed sheets at the end!

But of course you’re probably visiting Loch Lomond to enjoy the fantastic scenery. This walk is truly beautiful, from views of hills and the lake, to amazing woodland and streams- you can really believe that you’re entering Fairyland!

You can pre-book your tickets to the Loch Lomond Faerie Trail here.

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