Roundhay Park, LS8, Park walk

Roundhay Park

Distance: This route below is 4km- but you can do more or less!

Parking: free, and there are a few different ones, I tend to park at the Southern one off Wetherby Road.

Buggy friendly: Yes, although muddy and steep in places so be prepared! Stick to the tarmac park paths if you want to keep it easy.

Facilities: Play areas, duck feeding, cafes

Roundhay Park really has a soft spot in my heart. I lived here when Jess was born, so this was my go to spot when I was pregnant, particularly when I went over my due date- all I did was walk to try and get things moving! And then one of my first trips out was to the park. A gentle stroll was such a challenge, the Roundhay Fox was our first drink in public with a baby, eeeeek! Happy memories 😍

Roundhay Park Walk Description

Anyway, my favourite route starts at the Southern car park and takes an anti-clockwise route round the park. It’s a steep, bumpy start to join the lakeside path and keep heading north on the lakeside path right to the top of the lake.

At this point rather than continuing round the lake, keep going straight ahead into the woods. You’ll see a little bridge to your left, cross this and head uphill. When the path forks, stay left, and you’ll pass the back of the folly ruin.

It then takes you to the Upper Lake. I walk round the top before heading past the front of the Mansion. Take a path down to Lakeside cafe and a fantastic under 8s play area. The cafe has toilets in the entrance, and you can also buy duck food if you haven’t bought and yourself. Once you’re ready to head back, rejoin the Lake path to take you back!

Another great path- although not advisable with a buggy- is the gorge walk, check out the map on the link. It’s really quiet, you pass very few people, and it’s easy to forget you’re in a park!

If you haven’t been before it’s definitely worth a visit!

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