Nostell Cycle Trails

Nostell National Trust in Wakefield has two woodland cycle trails that make perfect bike rides for families with young riders. Here’s the key things you need to know.

Parking: The National Trust car park is free for members or £5 a car for non-members. Doncaster Road, Nostell, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 1QE

Facilities: A cafe is available on site. A playground is situated in the gardens; a membership card or ticket is needed to enter but you will need to leave your bike at the gate.

Route: Please see here. From the carpark, past the house to Obeslisk lodge, we first took the green trail before looping back up to do the blue trail and then returned back to the car park. This full route was 6.5km

Our review of the cycle trails at Nostell

From the carpark, we initially missed the cycle route initially follows the small road past the church towards the disabled parking, so make sure you don’t start on the path! Once at the house, the route sweeps past the front and downhill towards the lake.

There is a slight uyphill climb towards Obelisk lodge, and at the top a choice to turn left on the green trail (beginners) or to the right on the blue trail (intermediate). We took the green trail.

It meandered through woodland on an easy track. Towards the end there were some hairpin bends and a few bumps, enough to build the confidence of little riders. Just be aware, that although these woodland trails are supposed to be only for bikes, there were a number of pedestrians with dogs. We didn’t encounter anyone on the bends but it would have been tricky to avoid them if they had been there!

Once the green trail was completed, we rode back up to Obelisk lodge to try the blue section. For competent riders, this wasn’t really any more difficult. There were two steeper sections that my six year old was nervous of, and dismounted to continue, but they were extremely short (only a couple of feet). It was a lovely ride through the trees and then back towards the house.

After the ride you could stop at the cafe for a treat or if you are National Trust Members, you could take children through to the play area in the gardens.

Overall this was a lovely route, perfect for young families and we really enjoyed it! Not too long, but if you did want to make a day of it you could try part of Wakefield’s WoW trail too.

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