Ardsley Reservoir Walk, 2.5km

This is lovely little reservoir; it’s perfect if you’re looking for a short walk and is a good one if you’re in the area or want a breath of fresh air after a White Rose trip!


Location: A small (free car park) is located on Haigh Moor Road, Tingley, WF3 1 EE

Route: From the car park turn left towards the reservoir and then choose the direction round you want to walk! It’s a super easy path.

Accessibility: Flat and surfaced paths are perfect for buggies.

Facilities: None

The walk around Ardsley Reservoir

With just over 3 weeks until my due date, hubby’s banned me from walking too far on my own. Maybe he knows something I don’t, because baby doesn’t feel like it’s coming out anytime soon!

So I decided to visit this small reservoir which had cropped up a few times on social media from people I follow. It was a lovely short amble, with good views, so a good one if you’re nearby and want to squeeze in a walk. It seemed popular, I passed quite a few dog walkers and mums with buggies!

The West Ardsley website suggests there are reservoir rocks around that will help keep little ones entertained. I didn’t spot any myself – although to be fair I wasn’t really looking and there’s nothing to say new ones aren’t brought.


There are pebble beaches around the perimeter of the reservoir, but bathing is prohibited. That doesn’t stop good opportunities for stone skimming!


There are lovely views on the South side of the reservoir to appreciate too 😍


It took me just over half an hour to walk round this route, and I got an extra boost of smugness when I returned to the car about 30 seconds before it started raining. Love it 👍

There’s not a lot more to say, so I’ll leave you with a few pics of the moody weather!


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